Balance & Harmony Within Your Five FIngers

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Medically speaking, what is trending off late is alternate therapy. Our hectic, almost toxic lifestyles, are leading us towards things that help in harmonizing our mind and body. So that brings us to a new concept. Let’s take a look:

What Is Chi?

What Is Chi

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Chi is a force that is so real and so tangible. It is deemed it as the energy of the soul. It is also an electro –magnetic field generated by the body. Now that we know that Chi is energy, it needs to flow. So, it uses meridians and body centers to flow. These meridians are usually natural pathways that connect and bind all the organs together. Talking about organs, it is still a very macro picture. This energy even connects the body on a molecular level. The Chi clusters at the “Chakras”, therefore you will find that all the energy comes together in a cluster at the crown, the forehead, the throat, the heart, the stomach and at the crotch area. As long as the Chi flows through every tiny cell in our body, we remain in a state of balance and harmony. But any kind of block in the energy leads to havoc, physically or mentally.

What Does It Mean To Balance & Harmonize?

When something is amiss, emotionally or physically, you feel your body stress. Your body shows signs of imbalance by being in pain, or being stressed, or then by bringing yourself down emotionally. Our habits and lifestyle are fully responsible for all the stress and imbalance. So how do you overcome this imbalance? Different people take to different things to do this. Religion, meditation, therapies – there are many options. But let me list four quick ways that you can use to bring your body back to balance very easily.

1. Exercise:


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Our busy lives leave no room for any kind of physical activity. But it is extremely essential to get a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise at least thrice a week, and this can be as simple as a walk in the garden. What would work even better is playing a sport. Anything that exerts you such that your muscles work, or your blood circulates in the body, is great to bring about balance and making sure your Chi energy flows well. A little tip, the next time you exercise, make sure you breathe right, making sure that you inhale filling your diaphragm fully.

2. Massages:


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Massages instigate the blood flow and ensure proper circulation. They also help in relaxing the muscles and, thus, your body over all. So, taking a good massage definitely helps you revitalize your mind and body, and also helps in getting your energy flow back in track. Look up your yellow pages, or even better, google to find out a massage parlor nearest to you.

3. Breathing:


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Breathing is our life source so we often take it for granted. But breathing the right way is truly life changing. It is like giving yourself an internal massage. It increases the blood supply to each and every organ, and stimulates and tones the internal self. When you breathe right while exercising, you usually help your insides exercise too. When you breathe right, you increase the flow of oxygen and, therefore, the Chi. Your body is automatically in harmony.

4. The Finger Therapy:

The Finger Therapy

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I have truly saved the best for the last. While the other three pointers will help you in maintaining physical and mental balance, this one is a very simple, yet extremely interesting method of harmonization of your body. You can heal yourself. Yes, you heard me right. If you find yourself in pain or emotional distress, all you need to do is to massage your fingers for about three to five minutes and you will feel better almost instantly. So, here is a list of the fingers and what organs they correspond to, so you will know where exactly you must massage for a specific problem.

The Thumb:

The thumb directly corresponds to the stomach and the spleen, and, therefore, the emotions related are depression and anxiety. If you have a headache or a stomachache, you must massage your thumb and you will feel better instantly.

The Index Finger:

This finger corresponds to the urinary tract and the kidneys. So, if you feel scared or disappointed or experience pain in your teeth, muscles or back, this is the finger you need to massage.

The Middle Finger:

The organs that this finger corresponds to are the liver and the gall bladder. Massaging this finger can cure menstrual problems, cause free circulation of the blood and also reduce migraines. If you face problems with indecision, it is a good idea to give this finger a good rub.

The Ring Finger:

The ring finger is related to the colons and the breasts. This finger can heal and negate sadness and negativity. A little massage on this finger can also heal asthma, and respiratory problems.

The Baby Finger:

The baby finger corresponds to the heart and the bowels, and, therefore, relates to emotions like anxiety and a low self-respect. Massage this tiny finger, to overcome these emotions or to cure any kind of pain in the heart, the stomach, the throat or the bones.

Now that you know how to balance and harmonize any kind of imbalance in your body, you must be able to lead a life full of bliss. Nothing like being in a state of Zen, always.

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